Jondal Exumas, A Norman Foster Foundation Project

The Foundation was approached for advice on how to conserve the nature and biodiversity of this small, privately-owned and relatively unspoilt island whilst sympathetically integrating new developments. Following a study and tour of the island, three proposals were made.

First, to advocate for a master plan that would encompass long-term strategies for energy and water, conservation areas, zones for potential developments, and a landscaping and road policy to enhance the existing flora and fauna.

Second, to select a site for the first generation of new developmentsā€”in this case, a beach restaurant that is set back from the beach, fronted by dunes and palm trees amidst a newly defined conservation area.

Third, to implement a new vernacular of prefabricated timber structures that touch the ground lightly, maximizing shade and natural ventilation with roofings of indigenous thatch. This organic approach would enable buildings to recede into the landscape and encourage an alternative to the conventional resort development model.

Jondal Exumas