Norman's Cay, Bahamas

Norman’s Cay is a small island stretching a few hundred acres at the northern end of the Exuma chain in the Bahamas. It is an island with a story and a spirit that belies its size, with a history of housing pirates, drug lords, filmmakers, explorers, writers, fishermen, and marine biologists. Despite its renowned attraction, Norman's Cay remains unspoilt. Fort Partners’ vision and commitment to respect and enhance this marvel is inherent in each and every trailblazing development, from the Marina, Airport, and Yacht Club, to the Villas, Bungalows, and the famous MacDuff's Restaurant and Cottages.

It is rare to find such an island with the dual quality of accessibility and isolation, a paradise just twenty minutes from Nassau, an hour from Miami, and three hours from New York.

Norman's Cay

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